If You Don’t Know How To Wield Your Internal Power, You May As Well Quit, Before You Start!

You want to unlock your true potential, manifest the goals you truly deserve, and experience profound fulfillment along your journey

You yearn to step out boldly, fulfilling your dreams, while making a meaningful impact and leaving your legacy.

But beyond anything else you want to experience the power to overcome life’s challenges, without getting caught in a cycle of 'stuckness.'

After helping spiritual practitioners like you for over 25 years, to overcome their limiting beliefs and embrace their own power, I feel like I know you really well:

You hold on to limiting beliefs about yourself which creates self-doubts about what you’re capable of
You tend to cling to your comfort zones, avoiding change and new experiences, though it creates stagnancy in your life and business
You engage in persistent negative self-talk and self-criticism which keeps you stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and prevents you from embracing your true potential.
You avoid your fears, which hold you back from pursuing significant goals and expanding your life
You’re challenged to let go of unresolved emotional issues, not realizing how much they impact your abundance
You cling to past failures or setbacks which leads to fear of trying again and a reluctance to move forward
You feel that change or transformation exists somewhere outside of you, and that you are powerless to make it happen

If any of this sounds like the story of your life, then you are in the right place. Welcome! 🙂

As a spiritual practitioner, you already understand the incredible power of the other-worldly network accessible through your prayers, rituals, and ceremonies.

And even, despite diligently engaging in these practices, you find yourself trapped in a frustrating cycle that leaves you feeling helpless and lacking control over your life.

It's like being pulled back into the same current, experiencing repetitive behaviors, thoughts, and results, over and over again.

The clock keeps ticking, and you yearn to step forward and fully embrace your true self, answering the internal calling that drives you—be it your business, purposeful leadership, or guiding others.

However, instead of the desired results, what seems to persist are those nagging voices in your head, creating a lack of self-confidence, and fears that paralyze you.

But having access to prayers, ceremonies, and rituals is just one part of the equation to boost your self-power and break free.

But not to worry…I have really good news for you!

I will show you how to access your self-power and take charge so circumstances don’t overpower you, and I will equip you with tools to do it.

Spiritual Life and Business Success Coach

I'm Dr. Gwen Smith.

I’m Dr. Gwen Smith and I work with spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders, and practitioners to help them take confident, consistent, purpose-driven actions, without fear and hesitation, to achieve their meaningful goals.

I use a quantum scientific approach and shamanic tools to shift the states of my clients, so they find it easier to break the self-limiting barriers to achieve their goals.

I help them access and wield their own self-power to fortify their lives

What would life be like if you could:

Feel a newfound sense of confidence about stepping out to make decisions aligned with your true purpose and aspirations?
Fearlessly embrace opportunities for growth and progress without hesitation?
Feel freedom from the grip of negative self-talk and self-doubt, radiate positive energy that changes your outcomes, whether in your life, business or relationships?
Experience a sense of peace, serenity, and resilience in the face of challenges.
Unleash your full potential, resulting in success and fulfillment living a purpose-driven life that aligns with your spiritual values and beliefs?

NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES UNTIL YOU TAKE BOLD ACTION to confront and overcome the obstacles that hold you back.

This is your opportunity to do just that…


"REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE: Stop Arguing With Your Power & Step Into Who You're Meant To Be"

This program is designed exclusively for individuals like you who are ready to embrace your power and step into your highest potential. It helps unveil the power and hidden potential that lies inside of you that contains the magic of your own healing and transformation.

We've carefully crafted each element to help you clear away the emotional baggage and other blocks that hinder your progress, allowing you to move forward with unwavering confidence.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

We've carefully crafted each element to help you clear away the emotional baggage and other blocks that hinder your progress, allowing you to move forward with unwavering confidence.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Before the program I felt stuck in accomplishing goals, and I had anxiety. Now I feel like I can accomplish anything, and the anxiety has lessened greatly.

The content was surprising, in a good way. From the title I thought this class was not for me - as I did not think I had self-limiting beliefs, etc.….The content was everything, as I did not know I had negative energies hanging around…. The pacing was great … to allow time to use the tools and get through things as everyone has busy lives. The program covered things I had no idea I needed. I’m lighter (emotionally, spiritually, and mentally) and I’m now in a place of working on achieving long thought about goals and living a fuller, healthier, and happier life.

Yvette, G. Associate Director, MD

Before the program: I had several issues that I honestly didn’t even realize were problems, along with the issues I brought to the program. Main issues: low self confidence, intense shame and guilt, feeling bad and blaming myself for things that are not my fault, feeling like a failure even though I am pretty successful in life. Issues that I realize were also present now looking back: Extreme sleeplessness, hopelessness, exhaustion, fear, obsessing over the main issues I listed above, forcing myself to power through and ignoring some of my needs, an endless cycle of tiredness….
To become myself and be rid of past attachments in the form of faulty beliefs has been like stepping into a different perception of reality. I feel like Dr. Gwen really re-ignited in me the belief that I am Spirit manifesting myself, a concept I once believed and lost touch with…
Two days ago, I had an enormous download for several hours about how to offer programs that I’ve been envisioning for 15 years. The puzzle pieces began falling into place in tangible ways that they never were before. It felt clear. I feel clear. My gifts and purpose took shape in a deep and meaningful and I’m still allowing it to unfold. It’s a surprise and incredible…

Erica, T., MS, LPCC

Prior to the program, I felt not enough, unworthy, more anxious. After the program, I feel more comfortable with who I am and more lovable too. I feel more supported by Spirit with all the new tools that were presented to me. During the program, I realized the joy increase … I have been honoring myself more than I ever did in the past. The exercises were easy, simple and all the exercises proved useful and very necessary. Most of the exercises easily fit into my busy schedule.
This program provided a wonderful way to affirm who I am and what I am meant to do without all of the other conditioning standing in my way. Reminding me to have grace for my past & present, and assurance about the wonderful possibilities for my future. This journey continues as energies evolve, devolve, and need my presence of mind to recognize when and how to clear the unwelcome energies. Dr. Gwen is a wellspring of encouragement & compassion. Her confidence in the program and its tools are infectious!! More tools to confidently live in the purpose of My Higher Self is the best gift I could have ever received from this comprehensive, healing, & educational program…

Carla, B., BUSINESS OWNER, Denver Colorado



Our unique program combines the principles of quantum science and the transformative power of energy healing to help you tap into your unique gifts, gain unwavering clarity, ignite unshakable confidence, and face any challenge with unwavering courage.

The program is laid out in three modules, each gradually progressing on a continuum to fully achieving the program goal: to confidently identify and overcome energies that keep you stuck.

Practice is interspersed as a foundational part of the entire process, to allow you to assimilate the information, gradually including it as regular parts of your experiences.

Group interaction, coaching and healing helps to create a community where you feel supported and understood.

The content is dripped (released every other week), which affords you the time to integrate into practice what you are experiencing and also helps to pace your journey throughout the program.

Our program goes beyond traditional self-help approaches. We dive deep into the core of your being, examining and addressing not only your current fears and self-limiting beliefs but also ancestral and past-life energies that may be influencing your present reality. By identifying and permanently clearing residual energies, we enable you to unburden yourself from negative emotions, release past traumas, and create a solid foundation for building the future of your dreams.


This module sets the foundation for everything else in the program. You examine resources that are available to you, practice tapping into those resources for deeper connection to sustain you in your daily events.


This module helps you explore multiple sources of your beliefs and how they affect your life from day to day. You recognize the rules you made up about life, which currently guide your subconscious and begin to process those beliefs, gradually eradicating them, so you start to experience freedom. You practice a technique to identify energies and apply a system to identify its source so you can properly process the energy, so you can control its impact on your life.


In this module you reframe, recreate and purge your model of self. You experience several tools that you can use to intercept thoughts or to shift your circumstances to increase your self-power. You learn to identify your level of vibration and the type of energy you are experiencing, so you are able to manipulate it in the direction to enhance the way you’re feeling.

By the end of the "Remember Who You Are" program, you will have undergone a profound personal transformation. You will have shed the layers of self-doubt, fear, and negative self-talk that have held you back. You will emerge as a confident, empowered individual fully embracing your self-power to handle life’s circumstances

There is no need to always depend on others to come to your rescue.

Instead, we empower you with the ability to take on your own challenges clearing the energies they bring, which fosters a sense of independence and self-mastery.

Additionally, our program embraces ancient shamanic techniques, providing you with time-honored rituals to shift your own energies to bring balance to your circumstances to facilitate the manifestation of your deepest desires.

It's a truly holistic experience where you actively participate in practice sessions between learning opportunities, consolidating your experiences and ensuring that your transformation is comprehensive and lasting.

" . . I loved that I have tools to use for the rest of my life and that these tools can evolve with me as I evolve. I love that Gwen taught us to fish for ourselves in many ways. I know that I will continue to benefit from external support but it feels like I can support myself in deep and transformative ways that I was not and did not have before this program. The program content was extremely well organized and felt very professional and spiritual. It’s so difficult to put energy work and spiritual transformation into words and to teach people how to access their own methods. I feel like Dr. Gwen provided us the foundation to ignite our own intuition so that our gifts and purpose can flow.…”


"…But also, this course gave me more tools and methods than I ever had before. Your methods go so far beyond the law of attraction. I didn’t know how to clear the energy and ground everyday or how to use my name! Or to interrupt those patterns! There is a lot missing from the law of attraction and manifestation teachings and as I type this, it feels like what I was doing before was not anything like this. I keep thinking I’ve been brought back to some practices that I once knew but as I type I realize, I learned things in the past that allowed me to trust you in this process and to be open to learning this here and now.”

 Erica T


 the REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE program is one of the most impactful programs for spiritual folks just like you to identify and overcome energies that keep you stuck.

And taking advantage of it is one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Best of all, the process will be completed in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: You’ll register to ENROLL NOW.

Step 2: You’ll receive a welcome email to join the program.

Step 3: You’ll receive class access beginning August 28, 2023

Step 4: Program is released on a drip basis to allow you practice in between sessions and to increase the impact of your experiences.

Step 5: You complete the program as laid out, in the allotted time frame with your tools to continue to clear energies that arise along the way

There’s is no way to participate in The REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE program without coming away EMPOWERED about newly acquired skills.

The points I teach are what has helped me and so many others get maximum benefits from life.
And that’s why I’m certain that it will help you to do the same.

Now, if you are thinking that this program is going to cost you thousands of dollars, you’re dead wrong.

Because I’m offering you a chance to sign up for a lifetime of benefits for a ridiculous investment of ONLY $997 one-time.

That alone is good news! But here are some additional OFFERS


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Cowry Shells Divination With Ritual Prescriptions, Aligning You With the 5 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral & Nature



Up To Three Energy Clearing Sessions to Remove the Energies that Are Keeping You Stuck In ONE Area of Your Life




Our guarantee is straightforward: If, upon completing this program, attending all the calls, engaging with all the content, and fulfilling all the requirements, you find that you haven't experienced a noticeable shift in your journey, I am personally committed to working with you until you achieve the desired results.

Please note that in order for this guarantee to be honored, you will need to submit a written request within one week of completing the program.

YOUR OFFER TODAY IS only $997, but you should only sign up if you're serious about removing obstacles and unleashing your personal power to shift your circumstances.

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