Why Let Your Business Languish When You Can Amplify Your Impact, Boost Your Profits, and Reclaim Your Time, Without The Typical Grind?

You're a spiritual entrepreneur leader, or practitioner and you've got a message, service or product that can heal the world.

You dream of scaling your impact, but you're drowning in the sea of content creation, branding, and marketing.

You've got the vision but feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill when it comes to targeting who you serve.

Hey, I get it. I've been there. And that's why you can trust me when I say, your business deserves better.

Struggling to...

Craft the perfect message that resonates with your dream audience?
Articulate your unique brand voice amidst the noise in your mind?
Create website content instead of spending time with your clients?
Craft emails and lead magnets that resonate with your expertise?
Design long-term social media content that embodies your core values, and uplifts?

You're in the right place if you're tired of the struggle and ready for a transformation.

You've tried going it alone, and where has that gotten you? 

It's time to stop the cycle of overwhelm and step into a space of empowered action. 

Your business isn't just a business; it's a calling. And it's time you treated it as such.

Spiritual Life and Business Success Coach

Hi, I'm Dr. Gwen Smith,

Your Spiritual Energy Healing Life and Business Success Coach. I've added an AI certification to my toolkit to help you achieve your goals with more ease and less friction. 

Just like the shamanic and energy healing tools I use, AI can be a game-changer for your business.

I help you ease the friction in your life and business to get faster results

Let AI Assist You

 You've been hesitant to embrace technology, yet it can increase your quality time. 
You've thought, "AI isn't spiritual; it won't resonate with my audience*, yet it can help your audience find you.
You've been stuck in the mindset that doing it all yourself is the only way, and it has stalled your profits.

Here's the truth: Ignoring the power of AI is like ignoring a treasure chest in your own backyard.


One easy payment of $997


Four easy payments of $299


Your ideal clients find you effortlessly.
Your brand voice resonates deeply, attracting a tribe that's aligned with your values
Your website is not just a digital space but a sanctuary for transformation.
Your emails become love letters that your audience can't wait to open.
Your social media platforms become stages for your voice to shine.

Now, stop imagining. This can be your reality, but only if you take action!


AI: Amplify Impact, Boost Profits, Increase Quality Time 

WHAT?:   A Two-Day Live, Online Training Intensive 
WHEN?: Thursday and Friday, October 19-20, 2023, 9AM-5PM, EST
WHERE?: Online from the convenience of your own home

Done-With-You Training: You won't just learn; you'll implement. Leave with your projects fleshed out and ready to tweak.
Guaranteed Results: If you don't complete your deliverables by the end of the workshop, I'll personally work with you until you do.
Holistic Approach: This isn't just about AI; it's about integrating AI with your spiritual business to create a harmonious, impactful, and profitable brand.
PRICE $2000.00, and today, only $997.


One easy payment of $997


Four easy payments of $299



Avatar Clarity: Craft messages that resonate deeply with your ideal audience.
Branding Brilliance: Establish a brand voice that's unmistakably YOU.
Website & Landing Page Magic: Craft compelling copies that connect.
Social Media Mastery: Posts and images that captivate and resonate.
Create a Website: In just 90 seconds, have a website ready to publish or tweak with your personalized content!
Additionally, gain hands-on tools and insights to replicate the success and craft more on your own.

BONUS OFFER: Ignite Your Passions, Unleash Your Purpose



One easy payment of $997


Four easy payments of $299


1. What's the next step after enrolling?

A follow up email is sent with the information for joining our session on the date, along with an online agreement which which is to be signed and returned.

2. What exactly will I learn in this training?

In this training, you'll dive deep into the world of AI, learning how to harness its power to boost your profits, grow your impact, and increase your quality time. We'll cover topics like avatar clarity, branding, website and landing page creation, lead magnets, emails, newsletters, blogs, and social media mastery. 

We will apply the use of plugins, extensions and tools to precisely hone content that resonates with your audience and promotes your values so your audience can find you. We will look at the structure of a prompt and define the six areas that compose a good prompt to have exactly what you need from the AI.

3. Who is this training designed for?

This training is tailored for spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders, and practitioners who are looking to integrate AI into their businesses and leadership roles to amplify their impact and efficiency., attract their clients with resonating offers and as a result increase their profits. 

4. Do I need any prior knowledge of AI to join?

You need absolutely no knowledge of AI to participate. You will of course, need to be able to use a computer to access websites. We will walk you through detailed instruction of the processes involved. 

5. What if I can't attend one of the days?

We recommend attending both days to get the most out of the training. However, recordings will be available for those who miss a session.

6. Are there any additional costs involved?

While the training fee covers the core content, there might be nominal costs for certain AI tools we'll be using, like MidJourney and ChatGPT Pro. You may complete the training with version 3.5 version, however access to some of the plugins require version 4.0 These tools enhance the training experience and are highly recommended. You may discontinue the subscription at the end of the training if you find you will not need to use those tools. 

7. What's the format of the training?

The training will be a mix of live demonstrations, hands-on exercises, group discussions, Q&A sessions and even some healing to get past stuckness in delivering your message to the world.

8. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely! If by the end of the workshop you haven't completed your deliverables, I will personally work with you until you have the listed deliverables completed. 

9. How is this training different from other AI courses?

This training uniquely combines the spiritual aspect with the practical application of AI in business. It's not just about understanding AI but about integrating it seamlessly with your spiritual business values. Additionally, the huge bonus is that in just 2 days you are leaving the training with your content in hand.

10. Will I get support after the training?

Yes, all participants will have access to a dedicated support channel for two weeks after the training, where they can ask questions and seek clarifications even after the training ends.

11. How do I access the training?

Once you register, you'll receive a link to access the training online on the dates. You will have homework to complete, sent in two separate emails. The second email will require that you download a few tools to use during the training. If you are not able to download the tools we will assist you at the beginning of the training, but it would be best to have this ready before our date. 

Ensure you have a stable internet connection for the best experience. Cameras are expected to be on so we can interact. 

12. What's the refund policy?

Since you invested in this training to have results, then this is the way we would like to support you: by having you complete the items in the deliverables. As a result, there are no refunds. 


Our guarantee is straightforward: If, upon completing this program, attending all the sessions, engaging with all the content, and fulfilling all the requirements, you find that you don't have your deliverables completed, we are committed to working with you until you do.

Please note that in order for this guarantee to be honored, you will need to state this during our call before the end of the second day.



One easy payment of $997


Four easy payments of $299

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