Finally a 9-Step Group Coaching Program To Help You Systematize Your Business, Triple Your Efficiency and Skyrocket Your Profits, Without Sacrificing the People And Things That You Love!

In 180 days or less, you’ll experience total clarity, less stress and more confidence, all because you’re clear about priorities, passions and the order in which to tackle your day to create the profits you deserve.

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Are you overwhelmed because you don’t know how to get work and life to a good


Are you frustrated because you can’t figure out how to get to next level in your business?

Do you want to:

Increase your clarity about the areas of business to focus on or to expand, and have greater fulfillment and profits in your life?
Systematize your business to eliminate the stress of procrastinating and feeling unproductive spinning your wheels daily?
Organize your content and offers for the entire year so you can freely expand, educate and support and turn your audience into paying clients?
Change your time-view relationship and instantly relieve your stress?
Pinpoint the exact areas that are stopping you, and blow past those blocks, to gain quicker traction to peace, power & profits in your life and business?

Well… you certainly can!

However, without a complete system and the right coaching methods to help you access the blocks to your success, you can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on each of the different areas and still never get the results you want.

Believe me because I’ve been there. 

When I was seeking to transform my own business and create the extraordinary life I deserved, I was confused and did not know where to start. And so I briefly turned to the Internet for solutions.

The Limitations of Google

Unfortunately, the Internet didn’t help much…

I quickly found that there were a lot of promises out there. But nothing really hit the nail on the head as far as what it really took to increase my efficiency and profits while finding fulfillment (and without sacrificing the people and things that I loved).

So while I was able to clearly see that I was stuck and had a problem, I wasn’t able to find the exact reasons, nor did I find a step-by-step guide that could help me overcome it.

This was frustrating, because I needed to transform my life and career, and rise above my circumstances to become the business owner and person I wanted to be. I wasn’t interested in spending years trying to figure things out.

I also didn’t want to sift through tons of useless information.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened at the end…

I’d spend hours clicking one link after another, trying to get to the “good” stuff.

Before I knew it, I’d have dozens of browser tabs open and half my day would be gone.

Worse still, I’d be more confused than I was before I started!

It seemed like the people who wrote articles about transforming one’s business (and helping them create efficiency and the profits they deserved) couldn’t agree that it could be done without spending stressful hours, sacrificing the things that they loved.

… one person would claim that you must achieve balance between work and life by addressing each area equally. 

...the other would suggest increasing your productivity or delegating tasks to an assistant will solve the problem.

…then the next one would say that hiring a business turnaround coach to help with accountability would be the best. 

And so on… 

And while bits and pieces of these advices were good, they were incomplete. 

It was super-frustrating. 

But after coming across conflicting advice more times than I could count, I started paying more attention to who was actually offering the advice. What I discovered left me dumbfounded.

Most of the people giving the advice had little-to-no real-world experience when it came to helping others increase their efficiency, profits and fulfilment without sacrificing the people and things that they loved.

Either they’d never coached anyone successfully to achieve this before.

Or they were researchers regurgitating the same old information they found on the internet.

Or, they were writers blogging about something they’ve never even done!

This made them all unqualified to give anyone advice on how to transform their lives and businesses to achieve efficiency and profits.

It’s true that a few of these articles may have some few useful information…

However, they will tell you that for you to be successful in life, business and career, you’ll have to put more money and time into your business or learn more skills. While skills are important and putting more money is important, neither of them will guarantee that you’ll have a successful business or life experience in the end if misdirected.

Does that sound strange?

Let me open your eyes a bit more

Despite what you might have been told, or what you think, I want you to know that only 20% of your business success is based on skills and knowledge. The other 80% is based on who you are.

This is so true especially as a service-based entrepreneur.

And without the right intuitive guidance, direction and plan, you’ll likely be misdirected about where to put more money in your business, resulting in total failure and loss.

So first, you have to spend some time exploring areas of your life, fully understanding who you are, connecting with your intuition, identifying what’s important to you, then aligning those areas with your business, to achieve exponential results in your life, business and career.

Most business owners give up trying!

I wish the problems I experienced when I was looking for a way to transform my life and business were unusual, but they’re not.

Virtually every business owner who tries to increase her efficiency, profits and fulfillment without sacrificing the people and the things that she loves goes through something similar.

Along the way, most decide the process is too:

Time-Consuming and

That’s why plenty of people give up trying – leading to failed businesses.

It’s not that they don’t have what it takes … they do.

It’s just a huge pain to figure out how to do it all by yourself.

I totally understand that because I went through it all myself.

Back then, I didn’t have the idea of what it takes to transform my life and business.

And while I *did* manage to make sense of it eventually, it took:

More months than I care to think about,
Lots of trial and error and stress
Weeks of sifting through countless web pages
Thousands of dollars consulting several experts in the field and many hours documenting what worked for me
Plenty of pricey mistakes, and
A lot of banging my head against the wall.

The good news is that you don’t need to go through that, because I’m about to share with you what worked for me when I was in your shoes, as well as for many of my happy clients.

I’ve packaged all my successful coaching strategies into a six-month, 9-step coaching program at a very reduced cost from private coaching.

These are the exact same strategies that I’ve used over the years, to help my business clients to increase and nearly even triple their profits; increase their efficiency, build self-confidence and most of all enjoy their lives with the people and things that they love.

What is ironic is that my research has led me to find that every successfully fulfilled business owner uses all of the same steps to be most successful and live their happiest lives while building their businesses and you can too.

And so I’m


“The Peace Power Profits Business Coaching and Empowerment Program”

The Entrepreneur’s Pathway To 3x Efficiency and Increase Profits Without Sacrificing the People and Things That Are Loved

This program six-month program is complete with video course content and exercises, in addition to monthly group coaching sessions with me, to work on you and your business.

When I was working through my struggles back then, many of the programs I spent thousands of dollars for had bits and pieces of the success strategies I needed, forcing me to spend nearly $100,000 on business training and personal development. Yet it was only through my coaching certification and other resources, that I obtained the most valuable ones.

That’s why I developed this one-stop solution; a one-of-a-kind program at a much lower price than you’d expect to pay for one of the steps in any program without the coaching included.

These solutions are gleaned from over decades my career successfully coaching and training others to achieve these results and from the last 9 years of my business career as an owner and a certified life and business coach, with NLP and energy-healing strategies.

Now, you have access to my one-of-a-kind group program.

It’s designed for people like you … who are tired of spinning your wheels, trapped in a cycle of procrastination or ‘stuckness’ and wanting relief to finally be efficient and profitable while enjoying your life…but you just don’t know how to do it.

In this six-month program you’ll discover and unlock 3 fundamental reasons why

business owners, especially service-based business owners fail

Hint- ACT (Awareness, Creation and Transformation)

These 3 fundamental reasons formed the foundation for the model on which the 9-step coaching program is built, and they’re explained below.

The Peace Power Profits® ACT Breakthrough Success Model

The research shows that ALL successful entrepreneurs display ACT

A keen sense of who they really are, a strong understanding of self
Complete awareness of their emotions and feelings as signals from their intuition that guides decision making and alignment
An awareness of strengths and weaknesses
Knowledge of what they are passionate about and using that knowledge to guide
their choices and actions
An awareness of the impact of others and surroundings on their success
They clearly prioritize to boost their effectiveness and to enjoy the people and
things that they desire and love
They visualize their dreams and to act to create what they want
They use tools and mentors to self-empower and to overcome self-limiting beliefs
and obstacles that show up
They have a clear system in which they operate their business and layout goals and strategies of operation to reduce guesswork and to increase success
They know what to delegate to allow them to focus on the tasks that affect the
They have a clear sense of focus in achieving their goals
They are big on integrity by not only developing a plan but staying in action to achieve the plan
They know the power of a network and know how to have the conversations to have support in achieving their goals
They have an openness that allows them to adjust in the midst of executing their goals, based on their evaluation of progress
They stay focused and eliminate distractions and procrastination
They use rewards to celebrate their success

As you can see, if you fail to work on these 3 aspects you’ll be unsuccessful in achieving the exponential results in your life, business and career you seek. And your business will struggle.

And because so many struggle in these areas, my program is designed to help.

The elements of this 9-step program

Here’s what the video and coaching modules cover:


You’ll first take a survey which gives you access to where you need to focus to begin your journey and to have the results you want.


You learn about yourself and reveal what your view of self is and how you can use those views to positively impact what you’re trying to achieve.
You learn to connect with your Inner Guide and your feelings and intuition to enhance your self-confidence and decision-making.
You explore what is most important to you, your Top 5 Passions.
You brainstorm ideas to start a project you’re aligned with, or for starting or expanding your business you’ll absolutely love.
You confront the disempowering moments that led to your self-limiting beliefs and take back your power to have breakthrough results.


You create priorities and learn to eliminate tasks that are not important to you and
 your fulfillment.
You learn to delegate tasks, and create a framework to helping others achieve your goals to relieve your stress
You develop a powerfully new sense of time which honors the 168-hour week without sacrificing the people and things that you love


You create a sense of purpose and peace by eliminating mis-aligned tasks and using your new filter to know what to accept or reject when requests are made of them
You learn how to connect with your feelings and how to interpret your feelings as signals to move forward or to wait with your decisions
You learn to honor your internal Guidance to connect to create peace on demand
You recognize your intuition as a Source of providing decision-making in all areas
You align your environment in support of your new vision for life
You align your relationships with who you are and learn how to set boundaries that align with your self-discovery and what you want to achieve


You practice using the Surrender for Freedom TM method which helps you clear past hurts, pain, anger, anxiety, self-doubts, lack of self-confidence fears, to move forward in achieving what you desire in your life
You’re keenly aware of the impact of others on your results and learn how to navigate around them
You practice and apply body-relaxation techniques that provides more energy and durability to sustain your clarity and energy throughout the day as you tackle your tasks
You learn to interpret your vibrational levels and how to instantly change it to
facilitate attracting what you desire
You learn how to achieve a state of constant peacefulness throughout your day by addressing the beginning and ending activities of your day
You understand the power of questioning to get results you’re truly seeking in your life, how to ask questions that empower your results


You put your content, offers and business into a system that creates yearly plan which eliminates time-wasting and fragmented, confusing thoughts of what to do each day
You design your systems so you can effortlessly delegate tasks and responsibilities
You use a Design Template to create your own business systems that can be turned over to someone else to operate your business so you can focus on the big things
You align your products, content, flow of ideas, offers, social media content, etc., so there is a clearly identifiable theme with the content and products being offered
You create a flow for the tasks you do daily to build efficiency and to stop spinning your wheels daily
You learn approaches to delegate and what to do before hiring a VA or other people so they hit the ground running without wasting time or money
You learn to use a powerful system tool that facilitates sharing with your VA


You develop proficiency at creating goals that drive performance with timelines that allow for measurable outcomes to be assessed
You masterfully craft your strategies to achieve huge goals that once scared you, creating a daily step-by-step action plan to streamline daily actions
You learn to structure your requests and what to avoid when building your network or asking for support so you’re more likely to get a yes.


What really is integrity? This is a huge downfall for many business owners who are not having success, especially following through in the face of problems and challenges that show up. You internalize:
what it means to honor your word
how to honor it in the face of challenges
how this impacts self-esteem and self-confidence
You discover and practice using a structure that supports taking control of your tasks and being in integrity by honoring your commitments
You use tools that halt procrastination and develop and allows for consistent action-
You learn how and what to measure to increase your productivity in addition to your support staff to achieve excellent results
You recognize reward as a means of setting expectations and subconscious


You know the different types of measures of success and how to apply them to help you assess quality and results
You practice continuous self-assessment and know what it looks like
You are fully aware of and practice using self-assessment of your internal energy to promote your ongoing success
You practice developing an intuitive sense of when to stay the course and when to shift gears

I've used, individually, each of the 9 steps of this system with business clients and some have nearly tripled their incomes, developed complete self-confidence and increased their decision making abilities.

Now I'm offering it as a one-stop, packaged system, complete with 4 sessions of group coaching, to help you and your business get to total efficiency, increasing your profits, while reducing your stress, and achieving your goals, all without sacrificing any of the things you love.

This system was created by me, no one else has it, and as you can see, this system is the 80% that you’ll need to achieve your desired results as a service-based business owner.

You will stop:

Feeling torn in every direction and finally know what to pay attention to, to drive profits
Feeling stuck because your business and life are not moving and you can’t seem to figure out why
Wearing the multiple hats that stress and overwhelm you and put strain on your ability
to be efficient
Feeling guilty because of ignoring the people and things that you love, and start feeling
Being confused about what or where to start each day, because you lack a system to
get things done
Being confused about your passions or about where to focus your efforts or business so you can be fulfilled and start enjoying the process

With this program, I’ll help you to:

Change your time-relationship view and significantly reduce your stress
Systematize your business processes and content to relieve stress so you can freely educate, support and offer self-aligned resources to your audience that turn them into paying clients
Walk you through identifying the exact areas that's stopping you, so you can gain quicker traction to be on your way to peace, power & profits in your life and business
Bounce back from any undesirable situation that strips your profits, transforming your life and business to a completely new level despite your fears, obstacles, and limitations
Find out what is blocking you and preventing you from representing yourself and your products to the world, and what's stopping you from achieving the level of success you desire – both professionally and personally, then using tools you'll learn to clear your blocks
Recognize where you are out of alignment with self and how that impacts your self-confidence and decision-making in your business and personal life
Create powerful goals and strategies that actually help to move you to achieving them
and reduce procrastination
Identify what the Top 5 most important areas in life to you are (your passions), the aligning your entire life and business to longer sacrifice what you love
Organize your thoughts & priorities and find balance in your work/business and
personal life.
Know how to maintain your energy throughout the day so you can sustain peak

And so much more!

As you can see, this is the most impactful program for business owners looking to increase their efficiency, profits and fulfillment without sacrificing the people and the things that they love.

In fact, parts of this program have helped me and many other business owners as well. 

And that’s why I’m certain that this entire program will help you to do the same 


Well, do not just take my words for it.

Instead, take a look at what people are saying about coaching with me:

"I've recently experienced a 100% increase in business revenue…”

My coaching with Dr. Gwen has been focused on business growth and personal fulfillment. I've recently experienced a 100% increase in business revenue due to Gwen addressing my integrity, passion, faith and communication.

What impacts me the most is that Gwen always relates to me as a leader with huge potential and as a friend. [What]'s evident to me is that her encouragement and unrelenting stand for my having what I want in my life comes from an uniquely authentic place.

Allen D. Wicks

Ellicott City, MD

“It has helped me be more productive at work and enjoy life.”

Wow, what else can I say!! I hit a point in my life where I couldn't separate my personal life and my business life. I never seemed to be off work and would always put personal things off (which I realized was just busy work not productive work). I would not do the things I wanted or show up to things that I had committed to because I would make work a priority.

Dr. Gwen asked me to take the Discovery Course and I would be able to see what my passions were. [It] made total sense to me and now I couldn't be happier. My number 1 passion was Traveling and number 2 was golf. She said that any chance I had to do one of those passions, I should take advantage. I followed her advice and my life has changed for the better.

I don't have regret for missing out on traveling to different places and not playing golf with friends. I now understand the importance of separation of work and play. It has helped me be more productive at work and enjoy life. I have known Dr. Gwen for about 4 years now and I can truly say she is a woman of integrity, passion, and professionalism. She embodies what is needed in society today and has a mission to help others. I highly recommend her coaching!

Larry Connor

Columbia, MD

“Because of the leadership skills Dr. Gwen helped me develop, I am recognized as an influential leader in my industry.”

Dr. Gwen coaches with integrity, commitment and passion for her clients’ success.  Through her guidance, I was able to merge my business with my passion to help those less fortunate.   She helped me develop a plan and empowered me to implement it.  Through these efforts, I created a path for the United Way to work with the Multi-family Industry to provide homes for homeless families.  The partnership has already provided 30 homes, and is poised to grow much bigger.  Because of the leadership skills Dr. Gwen helped me develop, I am recognized as an influential leader in my industry.

Theresa Leatherbury

Baltimore, MD

“I was able to start a business earning me more than doublewhat I made on that job”

Before coaching with Dr. Gwen, I really was a very shy wreck. I didn't know what to [do] in different circumstances involving people. I didn't want to talk, and often thought that others looked at me as not being really confident. I wasn't Dr. Gwen's coaching sessions have been nothing short of a blessing in my life. We started our coaching relationship after I was let go on my job. With her coaching, I was able to start a business earning me more than double what I made on that job.

She's loving, tough and wants the best for her clients. I can proudly say now that my confidence, strength and braveness to try new things [have] grown a lot. I consider myself a leader now, and others now respond very differently to me.

Thank you so much Dr. Gwen for the new makeover, I now know that anything is possible for me!

B. Gordon

Kingston, JA

I can go on listing testimonials of people who’ve been coached using only a few of the strategies in this 9-step program but who are totally over the moon with their results.

But I will stop here for want of space.

The bottom line is…

This 6 months group coaching program has much more than what any of the single clients got, who’re raving about their coaching results with me.

If you would like to achieve similar or even better results, then click on the button below to schedule an interview and deep-dive session with me, where we’ll explore your life, business or career and what you want to achieve to achieve, to see if this program is a fit for you.

BONUS 1: 12 modules of Video and Audio Telesummit recording, valued at $997


How to Improve Your Credit to Save More Money
Master the Energy of Your Money: More Money Less Effort:
Create the Life You Love To Live With Feng Shui
Lessons on Style: Be. Dress. Act
Work With Your Inner Doctor to Relieve Stress and Headaches
The EcoFertility Method: Creating the Path to Pregnancy
Go with the Flow: How to Use the Cycles of Your Period and Menopause for a More Harmonious Life
Tasty Ways to Rid Your Body of Hidden Inflammation for Optimum Health
Busy, Ambitious, and Ready to Get HEALTHY!
Going from Grief to Great
Live Your True Design! How to Avoid the High Cost Of Living Off-Purpose
LOVE: The KEY Ingredient for Happiness, Fulfillment and Ultimate Success

BONUS 2: A TWO-hour, teleconference, audio group energy clearing session during which I personally coach you through using the Surrender For Freedom (TM) Method in addition to other energy tools, to help you clear your blocks, Valued at $798

BONUS 3: Access to a member’s only Facebook interactive group where you get to interact with cohort members and ask personal questions during a six-month period for once-per week office hours. Valued at $3995

So, with all of these benefits you can expect to spend upwards of $15,000-$20,000 for the same level of support or less, but it won’t even be half the price! Schedule your interview now so we can do a deep dive to see if you qualify for this program.

I am even going to make this crazy deal even more complete by adding a 100% love-it-or- get-your-money-back guarantee!

Try this life transforming training and group coaching program 100% risk-free 30 days.

Listen: As long as you have proof of doing the activities in the program, I don’t care if it’s only 30 minutes from the time you start the course, 24 hours, or even 4 weeks – if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

So, click the button below to schedule your interview and see if you qualify.

After you start, if you like it, great!

If not, just show me proof that you did the work and ask for a refund and I’ll give it to you with an apology note for wasting your time.

And you get to keep the value from the course up to that point, and the bonus recordings.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to schedule your interview now!


Dr. Gwen

Your Business Success Coach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the coaching program conducted?

The program is conducted in cohorts via online video course work, 4 live video coaching sessions, one teleconference phone call and interactive, once weekly, Q & A sessions in the private Facebook for the entire duration of the coursework.

What if I’m not able to complete the course work in 6 months?

You can go at your own pace. The entire video modules are yours for up to five years. You can watch and re-watch the content. The video coaching sessions are recorded and are made available in the course area for you to also interact with. While it is highly recommended that you are present for the live sessions, you’ll still be able to get the benefit of recordings as long as you do the activities presented.

What if I have an individual problem that is not addressed in the group?

One of the main reasons the program is affordable is the group participation. Group members help support, encourage and pull each member along in a communal way. While many business owners consider their problems unique, once they find themselves in a group and start talking, becomes clear that their problems are not unique and that one person’s solution often addresses another’s. 

If a group coaching program is not appealing to you, you can schedule here for a private consultation to see if private slots are available to support you.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you’ll start to receive email communication on the process and next steps. You’ll receive access to the course and all of the templates as content is released. 

Content is released on a weekly basis to eliminate stress and overwhelm and to keep pace with our live sessions.

What if I have questions before I register or before the sessions begin?

We welcome your questions and look forward to addressing. Please email: to have your questions or concerns addressed.